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Websites, Marketing & Analytics for Small Businesses

Intelligent Marketing

Monitor, Improve and Achieve your digital marketing goals with Analytics and Reports

Your website is the core of your marketing, as it is where your customers go when they have a question about your business. At Blue Data Owl, We design more than just websites, we leverage analytics and mine data to deliver Intelligent Marketing solutions.

Next Generation Web Design

Intelligent: Blue Data Owl was founded by Business Intelligence consultants and thus provides strategic software solutions to our clients.

You get premium websites, insightful reports and analytics to monitor and improve the performance of your business.

We even offer insights on who your customers are and how to deliver effective and targeted services and ads.

Dynamic: Blue Data Owl delivers software solutions to small businesses to tackle the changing landscape of Digital Marketing.

Unlike traditional web development firms, Blue Data Owl continuously monitors and improves your website after launch. Most web developers launch a customer's website and move on to the next client, leaving their past clients with outdated and neglected products.

Blue Data Owl is committed to our clients and maintain long-term relationships built on trust and great service.


What we offer


Design and Development

Web Apps

For all business needs


Search Engine Optimization


Track your performance


Advertising made easy


Customer Insights

Case Studies

Every business is different, and we cater to your business needs and to your customers with our Intelligent Marketing strategies. Each case study features applicable industries which fit that solution.

Website Upgrade

Premium Package for a Business Consulting Firm

Our client upgraded thier Wordpress website to a Smart-Website. We designed, wrote code, optimized meta-data, implemented analytics, and created reports to visualize and improve performance, increased visibility, and implemented client segmentation.

google ads
Google Search Console measures performance increase after upgrade

Industries Web Apps Uses
Advisors & Attorneys Contact Forms Search Engine Optimization
Financial Services & Private Equity Charts & Visualizations Google Analytics
Insurance & Taxes Quote Calculators Magazine Articles


"Upgrading our old website was a breeze with Blue Data Owl. We should have done it sooner!" - Prince T., President, Paradigm SES

Customer Insights

Targeted Marketing and Customer Insights

Our client knows that a large portion of his revenue comes from repeat customers. We helped Dr. Nguyen understand and satisfy his patient's needs with our Segmentation and Analytics. Then we delivered automated customer engagements via follow ups, discounts and greetings to his patients.

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Using Analytics, you can understand your customers' needs and deliver targeted campaigns

Industries Web Apps Uses
Dentists & Orthodontists Appointment Apps Customer Segmentation
Optometrists & Audiologists Photo Gallery Demographic Analysis
Clinics & Physicians Contact Forms Automated Follow Ups


"Data Analysis and Reports from Blue Data Owl really helped me understand my customers, and even follow up autonomously" - Dr. Henry Nguyen, Optometrist, Eye Masters

New Website

Startup Package with Social Media Integration

We designed and implement a new website for a new business. Our Startup package provided the website, and did all of the 3rd party work for a salon owner. This included guidance on social media integration and debut presence on review sites such as Google and Yelp.

Run campaigns via Facebook, Google, and even Merchant Services like Square

Industries Web Apps Uses
Salons & Spas Booking Apps Customer Segmentation
Clubs & Venues Event Calendars & Galleries Social Media Integration
Restaurants & Bars Menus & Contact Forms Automated Promotions


"Extremely knowledgeable about helpful with creating a presence on Google, Facebook and Instagram."
- Crystam M., Owner, Ambal Cosmetics


Choose a payment plan that works for you

Your website will be designed to your needs by our Web Developers. Don't worry about any third-party charges or hidden fees. We keep it simple for you, with affordable monthly rates.

You can request additional features such as ad campains and set a budget for your advertising goals.


The Startup Package is great for a new small business or for a business with no existing website. You get:

4 Custom Pages

1 Monthly Update Request

200 GB Hosting

1 SSL Certificate

3 Stock Images


The Pro Package is great for a growing small business which needs an added marketing layer. You Get:

20 Custom Pages

2 Monthly Update Requests

Unlimited SSD-Accelerated Disk Space

10 Stock images

Monthly Reports


The Premium Blue Package is great for a growing business which needs marketing and analytics. You Get:

30 Custom Pages

2 Monthly Campaigns

Autonomous Customer Relations Campaign

20 Stock images

Weekly Reports


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